The legal bit

Terms & Conditions

8th August 2019

English law applies to these terms and disputes will be settled in English courts. By activating your SIM card you are agreeing to these terms.

We suggest you also read our Privacy Policy.

How to contact us

Through the Zevvle app


Phone: One day, we’re not there yet.

Or by post: Zevvle, 2A Blackthorn House, St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, B3 1RL. We love hand written letters and will always write back to you.

How we’ll contact you

We’ll contact you via the Zevvle app, email, phone or home address. Please let us know if any of these change!

Network coverage

We will do our best to ensure uninterrupted use of data, calls and texts, but please know there may be times when outages are out of our control or required for maintenance on the network. If this happens, we’ll keep you updated via the app if it’s available, otherwise at or via Twitter.

Your service is subject to network coverage. There are some parts of the UK, the EU and the rest of the world where our coverage does not reach meaning you will be unable to use data, make/receive calls or send/receive texts.

Using your phone abroad

Data, voice and text is charged at the same UK rate in these countries.

When using your phone abroad, auto top-up needs to be enabled.

Using your SIM

You will have access to data, voice and text, assuming your device supports it.

Adult content is disabled by default; you can change this by messaging us in-app and confirming your age, unless you’re under 18, in which case speak with the account holder.

We may block your account if:

  • we are legally required to do so.
  • there’s an emergency for your security.
  • we suspect any form of abuse of the network.

Changes to your account

We may increase or decrease charges in the future. In the event of an increase, we will give you 30 days notice. Decreases are effective immediately after we tell you about them.

Topping up and charges

We make auto-payments each month on the date you activated your SIM. Make sure you have enough money in your bank account if paying via debit card as we are not responsible for fees imposed on you by a bank or card issuer.

If you enable Auto Top-up, we will charge you for the pre-selected top-up amount each time your account balance falls below the threshold, normally £1. We will notify you the Auto Top-up has been added to your account balance by push notification, text or email.

Your maximum account balance is £250; if you need more than this message us in-app. For your security, we only make refunds to the card registered on your account.

See our pricing for a full explanation of the pricing structure.

Limitation of liability

There is no limit to our liability if someone dies, is injured due to our negligence or any other liability we’re not excluded from under applicable law.

In all other circumstances we’re not liable for loss of income, business or profits, or for loss or corruption of data in connection with the use of our service. But please know we’ll do all we can to avoid this scenario.

If things go wrong

Tell us immediately if anyone makes or threatens to make a legal claim against you regarding your use of the Zevvle network. Message us in-app or email

If your SIM card is lost or stolen;

  • contact us as soon as possible; you will be responsible for cancelling auto top-up until you have contacted us.
  • we’ll post a new SIM immediately once we’ve verified your identity.

Closing your account

You may end your use of our network at anytime. Either message us in-app or cancel your recurring payment.

We may close your account or disable your SIM if we believe you’ve:

  • broken the terms of this agreement.
  • used the service in a way that’s inconsistent with normal use.
  • used the network in an illegal way.
  • given us false information.
  • been abusive to anyone at Zevvle or a member of our community.

Closing your account means your SIM will no longer be usable. You can transfer your phone number to a new SIM from another provider with your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC). Message us in-app and we’ll send this to you.

How to make a complaint

Contact us via the app or email and we’ll try our best to solve the issue.

If you’re still unhappy we suggest you refer your complaint to the Ombudsman. Details on making a complaint can be found here.

Alternatively you could submit a complaint through the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution website. The European Commission will refer your complaint to a dispute resolution body that’s been approved by the UK government for review. Details here.