Your part of Zevvle

For every person you refer to Zevvle, you'll both get a share — a part of our company — with some 10x bonuses along the way.

Referral programs can get same-y, so we're doing something little different. We've set aside 1 million shares – currently 8% of the company – for you, your friends your family.

Shares in Zevvle

If you refer 5, 10, 25 or 50 people, you'll get a 10x bonus at each milestone. For example, if you refer 7 people, you'll get 57 shares – 7 for each person and 50 extra for referring 5.

You can see how many people you've referred in the 'Contacts' tab after you've activated your SIM.


What's a referral?

What's a share?

Do I get one for joining?

How much are these shares worth?

When do I get them?

What rights will they have?

Can I sell them?

When do I get them?

If you have any other questions, do send us a message.