A Slice of Zevvle

Get 1 share in Zevvle for every person you refer, with some 10x bonuses along the way.

Referral programs can get same-y, so we're doing something little different. We've set aside 1 million shares – currently 8% of the company – in return for helping us grow.

If you refer 5, 10, 25 or 50 people, you'll get a 10x bonus at each milestone. For example, if you refer 7 people, you'll get 57 shares – 7 for each person and 50 extra for referring 5.

To see how many people you've referred, enter your email on our signup page and press "Get started" or download our app.


What's a referral?

A referral is someone who signs up to Zevvle and orders a SIM card using your unique referral link (submit your email to see it).

What's a share?

A share is a piece of a company (or 'financial asset'). Most are sold, but we want to give some away. Zevvle is currently made up of 11,500,002 shares, and we'll issue 1 million new ones for this referral program.

How much are these shares worth?

Not much! We sold some shares earlier this year at £0.0174 each, or 3 peanuts/share (supermarket price). If all goes well, these shares will be worth a lot of peanuts someday. Until then, there's a chance they'll be worth nothing if Zevvle doesn't make it.

When do I get them?

We'll issue the shares when we've assigned all of them; hopefully in 2020. To simplify the legals, we'll likely do it as part of a crowdfunding round under a nominee structure.

What rights will they have?

As we're giving them away, there'll be no voting rights, pre-emption rights, liquidation preferences or notices for a General Meeting.

Can I sell them?

If we issue shares on a stock exchange one day, then yes. There's a chance you'll be able to sell them beforehand with the help of a crowdfunding platform (assuming you can find a buyer), but no guarantees.

Who can own shares?

At the time we issue them, you must be a resident in the United Kingdom, over 18 and legally allowed to own shares in a limited company.

If you have any other questions, do send us a message.

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