What Does It Cost?

We’re keeping things terribly simple with one plan for everyone. Pay only for what you use, no credit checks, leave when you like, and no hidden fees.

In the UK & Europe




Calls are 3p/minute and texts are 3p each.

Our pricing is pay-as-you-go; your balance will decrease in near-realtime as your usage comes through. For example, if you top-up £10 and use 512MB, your account balance will be £7.50.

Your credit won't expire and we don't disconnect unused SIM cards unless you ask us to. Data is charged per byte and calls are charged per second.

*This will be for up-to 5 SIM cards (multi-SIM accounts coming soon 🤓). You can read more about our decisions here.

International & Roaming

These aren't quite ready yet (although the above pricing does apply to Europe); we'll enable them within 4 weeks of launch. If you need to go/call abroad beforehand, let us know and we'll make it happen.

All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated.

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