Zevvle Pricing

No haggling, easily switch plans from month-to-month, leave when you like and no hidden fees. Our UK pricing applies to EU roaming as well.

We don't offer discounts; they're unfair to our existing customers. Instead, you'll get the best price all year and never pay more than someone else.

1 GB
3 GB
10 GB
30 GB
60 GB

These plans come with
unlimited calls & texts.

Add-ons that never expire.

If you run out of data during the month, an add-on will keep you going. And if that runs out you can add another.

1 GB
3 GB

International & Roaming

(Calls and texts are not available on the data-only SIMs.)

Non-Geographic Numbers

Some numbers starting 08, 09 and 118 are non-geographic. They have an access charge set by us (5p/min) and one or two service charges set by the organisation you're calling.

You can find the prices here:

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All prices include VAT.