With Zevvle, your data is shared across all of your SIMs. You can easily switch plans each month and unlimited EU roaming is included.

Choose how much data, how many SIMs and the number of SIMs with unlimited calls & texts.

10 GB1
unlimited calls & texts2
£ 18 /month
  1. The maximum data usage per SIM is 60 GB per month.
  2. Without the unlimited plan, calls and texts between SIMs on the same account are free, otherwise they cost 3p/minute and 3p/message from your cash balance.

Run out of data?

We don't have ridiculous out-of-bundle charges that sting you. Instead, choose an add-on that never expires.

1 GB
3 GB

We can even apply them automatically so you don't have to do a thing:

Zevvle add-on screen

International & Roaming

Non-Geographic Numbers

Some numbers starting 08, 09 and 118 are non-geographic. They have an access charge set by us (5p/min) and one or two service charges set by the organisation you're calling.

You can find the prices here:

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