Questions Asked Frequently

How can I get a SIM?

Download our app, sign up and we'll mail one to you first class! You can read more about our launch here.

Where can I get a SIM?

We’re serving the UK to for now and will look into expanding later. With the current EU roaming law, you’ll be able to use your phone as normal in Europe, without limits.

What do you offer?

We’re keeping it simple with SIM-only pay-as-you-go. With your ideas and feedback, we’ll look at other options in the future.

How much does it cost?

Have a look at our pricing – pay only for what you use, no contracts, no credit checks.

Do you sell phones?

Not at the moment. If this is something you want, we’ll look into partnering with another company in the future to provide phones.

Is the network fast?

Absolutely. We're using EE's network – the fastest with the best coverage in the country on average.

Are you a real mobile network?

What are you trying to say?! Yes, we're a real mobile network.

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