Zevvle Rewards

22nd May 2020

Hello, and welcome to this fine Friday’s edition of the Zevvlog.

Today we’re updating our rewards program, and to get straight to the point:

For every referral, you’ll both get 1 GB per month for life

By for life we mean as long as you’re both members. So maybe for life? We considered a bunch of options for this program, but most of them were fleeting delights. We’re happy to offer something that lasts.

Zevvle Rewards app screenshot
Normally there're 4 bars of signal, but today the wind has blown 1 away.

You’ll need a SIM card with one of the new data allowances to take part (i.e., you can’t use it on our old PAYG plans), and like the regular allowances they’ll reset each month. The rewards won’t be available for the 60 GB plan.

We’ll assign any data you’ve earned starting June 1st; after that it’ll happen immediately.

What if I’ve already referred someone?

No problemo, you’ll still get the data as long as you’re on one of our new plans. We’re back-dating this to the time we first graced EE with our presence.

What’s happening to the shares?

Nothing, we’re just putting them in the backseat as they’re a little useless right now. Data is tangible, and we hope you find it useful.

If the amount of data you’ve earned doesn’t match up to the previous share count, that’s because we’ve enforced a requirement that the person you referred order a SIM from us.

Have a great bank holiday weekend,

Nick 🌤

P.S. There’s an easter egg in-app; the first person to find it and send us a screenshot gets my referral and 1 GB per month for life (as I won’t be leaving Zevvle unless Vodafone really up their game, it truly will be for life).

Nick Goodall

Nick Goodall