Rebuilding Zevvle for the open web

8th January 2021

Hey! What a wonderful kind of day.

When I set out to build Zevvle, I assumed native mobile apps were the way to go.1 Other companies were doing it and they seemed to make it work. But with an engineering team of one (🙋‍♂️), coordinating the app and its API across a few gate-kept ecosystems has become less-than-fun. Deploy days are draining and I’m struggling to keep it up.

Ultimately we’ve started to slow down, which is Not Good™.

What’s a dane to do?

We (I?) have decided to re-build Zevvle for the web, meaning an app you can access from anywhere, on any device. Call it Zevvle 2.0. It’ll also mean we can unify our individual, business and developer experiences into 1.

You can’t tell by my facial expression, but I’m very excited about this. With a little time investment to get up-to speed and reach parity with the current app, we’ll be able to move faster with technology I’m happier with and offer Zevvle in more places as well.

And if you lose your phone, it’ll be easier to contact us and get a new SIM card.

But… the apps?

Fear not, there will still be mobile apps! We’re going to re-create them around the web and do our best to make sure they feel fast and native. It won’t be one of those clunky apps if you’ve ever used them…

Join the journey

We’re going to develop this as an open beta until we’ve built the functionality and are ready to transition across. As we’re effectively starting with a blank slate, it’s also a great time to let us know your gripes and what you’d like to improve!

Keep an eye on our forum early next week to join in.

Have a great weekend!

  1. Okay, okay — React Native, but the user experience is the same.
Nick Goodall

Nick Goodall