Updated pricing 👀

11th November 2020


This is going to be a short but sweet post — we’re lowering the pricing on some of our plans, specifically:

  • The unlimited calls & texts add-on is now £4 instead of £5.
  • The cost of the 30 GB and 60 GB plans have decreased by £2 and £7 respectively.

To see the effects on our plans, you can play with the changes on our pricing page.

Zevvle app shared data account screen

As always we hate discounts and offering deals to new customers at the expense of our existing ones, so this update applies to everyone. Your next bill will reflect these changes — you don’t have to do anything. 😊

We’ve wanted to lower our pricing for a while, and thanks to our supplier Transatel that’s now possible.

In other news

We’ve updated our Terms and Conditions to version 1.3; the only difference is that the ‘Auto Top-up’ section now applies to the shared data plans as well. We haven’t added anything new.

Nick Goodall

Nick Goodall