Non-geographic numbers

8th June 2020

Today, we’re enabling non-geographic numbers (NGN) on the network. These are certain number starting 08, 09, and 118 which have an access charge set by us (5p/min) and a service charge set by the organisation you’re calling (see more below).

To enable them, go to your SIM card settings from the Account tab in-app (Account > tap on a SIM card > Settings). You’ll need a minimum £5 cash balance to enable them and make calls.

But at what cost?

With over 12,000 number variants and 100 different charge bands, we won’t list them all. Instead, we made a mini search engine and cost calculator:

You can also find this on our pricing page.

The reason we haven’t enabled these numbers until now is because it can take several days for us to receive the charges, and by then it might be too late. We’ve heard horror stories of people racking up charges they don’t know out about until the end of the month, and we don’t want that happening to our delightful customers (*grovel grovel grovel*).

Now, they’re all in our billing system and we can calculate the costs immediately. You’ll see the charges in-app within a few minutes.

Updated Terms & Conditions

Firstly, we’ve included the non-geographic numbers as you’ll need at least a £5 cash balance to make calls.

Secondly, we’ve made it clearer what happens when you have a negative balance, run out of data on a bundle plan or run out of credit on one of our older pay-as-you-go plans.

You can find the updated version 1.2 terms here. As always, our Ts&Cs are in plain English; no legalese required.

Have a great week! 🌧

Nick Goodall

Nick Goodall