Flux receipts

22nd August 2020


If you’re a Zevvle customer and pay through Monzo or Starling, we can now deliver digital receipts straight to the banking app through Flux:

Zevvle receipt in Monzo.
Yes, our address in Monzo is incorrect.

How to enable Flux

To get started, you’ll first need to bank with either Monzo or Starling, and then in any order:

  1. Enable Flux receipts for your bank account.
  2. Switch it on in the Zevvle app under your settings (Account Tab > Settings on the top-left).
Flux receipts in Zevvle.
Flux receipts in Zevvle.

It’s disabled by default because we don’t want to send your data to a third party without your permission. Once enabled, you can switch it off anytime.

Supported banks

We currently support Starling and Monzo.

? Other banks 🔜

Hopefully other banks will join Flux in the future and we can support them as well.

Have a great weekend! 🌬

Nick Goodall

Nick Goodall