Undles of bundles

Yes, it’s maybe a word.

Last Saturday we quietly released 5 new data plans that give Zevvle a makeover. More data, better prices; what’s not to like?!

Coincidentally, this is how I originally planned Zevvle. We launched with pay-as-you-go last year, but decades ago in 2018 the plan was 4 data bundles — here’s the embarrassingly-written blog post of the time.

What’s on the plate?

There are now 5 data plans you can order — from 1GB to 60GB, with or without unlimited calls and texts. You can see all the prices on our homepage. They also include unlimited tethering/hotspot and EU roaming (when travelling’s a thing again…).

Zevvle data allowances
Our new data allowances.

No long contracts and you can easily switch plans from month-to-month (in fact we’ll recommend it if we can save you some coins).

Out-of-bundle begone

With data plans like this, we have to ask is What happens when someone runs out of data? Most networks resolve this with out-of-bundle charges — high prices for data when your allowance runs out.

Our original plan was single-use data add-ons and then out-of-bundle charges, but… why so many options? It felt icky, and we wanted to do better.

Thanks to feedback from our customers, we cast a spell and did away with those rapacious charges. If you run out of data, we have 2 add-ons which never expire and if that runs out, you can add another:

Data add-ons
Data add-ons.

If you’re already a customer

The app looks a little different, but as always we keep you on your current plan by default — you can order one of the new SIMs in-app, or send us a message to change one of your existing SIMs. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest app version (1.2.0).

Enjoy the weekend! ⛅️

Nick Goodall