Tiered data pricing update

As we recently mentioned on our forum and the latest email update, we’re updating our pricing today.

Our previous model wasn’t sustainable and we don’t want to join the roster of loss-making startup failures; this puts us on the right track.

Tiered data

The biggest change is that we’re tiering data usage per SIM:

£5 for the 1st GB.
£2 for the 2nd GB.
£1 per GB thereafter.

You can see the full details, including a handy calculator, on our pricing page.

The tiers reset every calendar month at midnight GMT. They apply per-SIM, not the whole account. For example, if you have 2 SIMs, 1 that uses 3 GB, the other that uses 1 GB, it will cost £13 (£8 for the first SIM, £5 for the second). If you’d like to change your billing date, message us in-app.

2 types of SIM

Secondly, we’re dividing SIMs into 2 groups:


  • Tiered data
  • PAYG calls & texts


  • Tiered data
  • Unlimited calls & texts

The first SIM will no longer be free.

Minimum top-ups begone

As we offer refunds, our previous minimum top-up requirement was iffy. What’s the point in a minimum if we’ll refund it anyway?

Now, they’re gone. Your credit will last forever and we’ll refund when you need it.

If you’re an existing customer

There’s no need to switch and you’re welcome to stay with the current pricing. If you want to change, send us a message in-app.

Have a great weekend!

Nick Goodall