Upcoming changes to Zevvle

This isn’t happening. We were wrong about a few estimates, and will stick with PAYG. We’ve left this blog up to document our journey.

Next month, we’re updating our pricing to reflect a change in Zevvle’s direction. We’re moving away from the pay-as-you-go model to focus on multi-SIM accounts and making that experience seamless.

What, exactly?

A fixed monthly price for a data allowance shared across many SIMs.

If you only use 1 SIM it’ll be more like a traditional phone plan, but done our way. If you have several SIMs, whether for family, extra phones, tablets, WiFi routers, cars, etc., it’ll become a lot simpler.

Unlimited calls & texts will be included as standard, anything over the allowance will be £2 per GB, and we’ll recommend a lower plan each month if we can save you money (pricing below).


We’re not taking this decision lightly, and a lot of factors have influenced it. In particular;

Simplicity and predictability

We get a lot of questions about our current model, and it’s become more complicated over time. First the £2 charge for extra SIMs, then the minimum monthly top-up when we lowered our pricing, and finally the add-on bundle for calls & texts. It’s a mess, and we can make it a lot simpler.

Not only that, but it’s hard to budget for, especially when you’re starting out. The alternative to monthly allowances would be tiered data pricing, but that complicates things even further.

Sustainability and high usage

The reason we introduced the minimum top-up in the first place was because low data usage at £2/GB isn’t sustainable. It’s safe to say that minimum wasn’t popular, and enforcing a monthly spend is iffy, not to mention the question of refunds…

And if you used a lot of data, then it became too expensive; you were better off going elsewhere.

To be clear, we’re not doing this to “screw over our customers,” but to make it as simple as possible for managing multiple SIMs. In most cases, this will be much better value as well.

What will it cost?

This is version 1, and naturally a bit higher than we’d like. Unlimited calls & texts are included across all the SIMs, and the data allowance is shared.

With the current unlimited calls and texts bundle, if you use anything over 1 GB this new pricing is a better option.

With extra SIMs, the whole is also better value than the sum of the parts. For example, 1 SIM with 10 GB is £15, whereas 5 SIMs with 50 GB is £55, not £75 (15 * 5).



We’re launching this in the first half of December.

What about international calls, etc.?

For international calls and other account charges (e.g., out-of-allowance data, out-of-EU roaming, etc.) we’re keeping the pay-as-you-go model with an account balance. We don’t want to get into credit checking.

What if I use more than my allowance?

Data over your allowance will be £2/GB (same as the current pricing). It’ll be super easy to change allowances, and we’ll recommend it for you each month so you’re getting the most out of Zevvle.

I’m on the current plan, do I need to change?

No, you’re welcome to stay on that! For new customers, this will be the only option.

Can I get more than 5 SIMs, with a higher allowance?

Not yet, but we will increase the limits up to 50 GB per SIM. You could then have 7 SIMs share 350 GB, for example.

Nick Goodall