103 days later


103 days ago, on the 31st May, 2019, we launched. Since then, we lowered our pricing twice, introduced multi-SIM accounts, usage summaries and made a lot of other changes. All in 223 git commits to production (if this means anything to you…). And here are some more stats:

Since launch, we’ve shipped 96 orders and activated 109 SIM cards. The numbers are small, but we’ve grown 12% week-on-week (compounded average), so we’re hopeful about the future.

And courtesy of Intercom’s reporting, we’ve sent 1,090 messages to you in 212 conversations, with a median response time of 3m 12s in office hours (granted, we’re not 24/7, and some replies have taken far longer considering travel, weekends, our sleep patterns, etc.).

Network Usage

You’ve used 123.32 GB of data:

103 days of data usage

You’ve spent 84 hours and 41 minutes on the phone:

103 days of voice usage

You’ve sent 1447 text messages:

103 days of sms usage


While in the UK, you’ve:

  1. spent 51.2 minutes on the phone with 4 countries;
  2. sent 18 text messages to 6 countries.


While abroad, you’ve:

When the numbers are bigger, we’ll dive into which countries (and perhaps even a live dashboard on our website), and it would have been nice to do this in a fancy infographic, but we’re not ready for that yet. Next time!

And all that being said, the most important number for keeping Zevvle on the right track is revenue, but since lowering our pricing last month we butchered that growth a little so it looks something like this:

103 days revenue


Nick Goodall