Pricing 4.0

What! Again?!

Today, we’re updating our pricing (again). In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the history:

We’re lowering our data price to £2 per GB

What! How?!

Let’s just say we’re getting the hang of this network thing; our crackpot revenue assurance team has been hard at work in Excel and things are looking excellent.

We thought about doing the standard data bundles, but this is somewhere in-between; the best of both worlds. Pay only for what you use, and you can still set a monthly top-up for budgeting. Want 5 GB’s per month? Set it to £10 and we’ll let you know when it’s getting low. And if you don’t spend it, well then that’s your money.

The Terms

We would struggle if someone signed up and only used 50MB per month, so to protect ourselves against the downside, we’re introducing 2 conditions:

Enjoy! 🚀

Nick Goodall