Multi-SIM accounts & pricing changes

Multi-SIM accounts are here! You can manage up to 5 SIMs from one account, set spending limits for each SIM and soon control access to adult content. If you need more than 5 SIMs let us know and we’ll get you set-up.

For some people this will be useful to manage your children’s usage and for others to keep track of all your connected devices – a number which will continue to increase when eSIMs become the norm.

If you already have an account, make sure you force-close the app and restart it to see the latest changes.

We’re also removing the subscription fee

Effective today, the £5 subscription fee is gone. Instead, the first SIM is free and you’ll pay £2 per month for each additional SIM card. We weren’t expecting to remove the fee just yet, but it’s fair to say it wasn’t popular. We didn’t think quite so many people to be put off by it, so we’ve brought forward the date for removing it – not that we had a set timeline anyway…

The price of data, calls and SMS remains the same, we’ve just tried to make it clearer wherever it’s mentioned. Minutes and texts are 3p each and data £5 per GB, but we’re saying 0.5p/MB for simplicity.

0.5p/MB isn’t accurate either, because we use 1 GB as 1024 MB, so you’ll actually pay £5/1024 – or 0.48828125p – per MB. But that might make your eyes glaze over, so we’re saying it’s 0.5p/MB.

As always, please keep feeding back what you like, don’t like and what additional features would be useful. Maybe someday we’ll have a fancy feedback system, but for now we like the community feel of the forum and direct interactions with you.

Tim Goodall