Two weeks after launch

Time has gone quickly and while I’d love to say everything went flawlessly, that would be a lie.

Launching was exciting; before we could even see the app in the App Store someone had downloaded it. The Android app wasn’t as straightforward, but after a night of bug-fixing it was released as well.

It wasn’t until the first SIMs arrived that things went sideways for a few people. In one case the SIM card simply didn’t work and for a few others numbers took days to switch instead of the normal 24 hours. It’s frustrating when a number doesn’t switch around the time you’re expecting – will it be in 10 minutes or 10 hours? Until it does, you’re left wondering whether calls and messages will stop coming through at any moment. We expected ~1% of people to have some sort of issue, not 25% as was the case. It won’t be the last time things go wrong, but hopefully that’s the worst of it for now… For those of you that signed up, thank you for riding this out with us.

Coming up next are multi-SIM accounts where you’ll be able to manage SIMs for a family or business in one place. The initial version will be better suited for family use as we won’t have all the features that will make it great for businesses. We begin beta-testing this weekend and plan to release them by the end of June. Standby for more details!

Tim Goodall