Ready, set, go

It’s time!

18 months ago I Googled “How to start a mobile network,” and a few things have changed to say the least. It all started as an innocent idea after a bad experience with my network, and with a little research I thought “Heck, why not?!”

From an idea to reality, thank you to everyone who’s helped along the way. The people I’ve interrogated via email, who’ve given their honest feedback and joined our community forum – we wouldn’t be here without you.

That said, here’s what you’ve been waiting for:

How to get a SIM card

Firstly, download the app:

(The Android app will be live tomorrow – I know Android users often feel like second-class citizens with apps launching months or years later; I'm sorry we can't do it today, but I hope you'll forgive us for the 24-hour delay.)

Once you’ve logged in and we’re ready to send you a SIM card, enter a few details and we’ll do the rest!

We planned to print the SIMs in a wonderful colour, but there were some delays with the printing and we opted to have them blank instead so we could launch a few weeks earlier. Having said that, they’re not entirely blank…

We’re posting the first ones tomorrow (Saturday June 1st), so if you order within the next 24 hours it should be with you on Monday (this applies to Android as well).

The big print

This isn’t normally a talking point, but we put some effort into making our Terms & Conditions short, clear and understandable.

We set out to create a fairer and more transparent mobile network, and hopefully these terms help put us on the right track.

As always, comment below with any questions, email me ( or now(!) – send us a message in-app when you’ve logged in.

Thank you ☺️

Nick Goodall