Radio masts & mine shafts

It’s the most common question we get – “Which network are you on?” So…

The network we’re using is EE! We did plan to build radio masts and bid on spectrum licenses, but after a lot of thoughtful consideration we decided to leave that to the experts and save ourselves billions.

On average they have the best 4G download speeds and coverage, with over 99% of the UK population and 89% of the landmass covered. There are of course some nooks and crannies in the country where you won’t get signal, like down a mine shaft, but hopefully you’ll be delighted time and time again. For more comparisons between the networks see the 2019 Mobile Network Experience Report from OpenSignal.

EE are our hosts; you can think of them as our wholesale parts supplier. We’re thrilled to be on their network and promise to do everything we can to be good guests. EE, we think you’ll like having us around.

There are of course three other networks out there, but in addition to the great coverage with EE, we can also offer more services in our app which we’ll roll out over the coming year and beyond.

If you are considering Zevvle and are not with EE or a provider on their network, you might want to look at coverage in your area using Ofcom’s availability checker or the OpenSignal app.

Tim Goodall