Referrals 2.0

Want to own a piece of Zevvle? Keep reading!

Last year when we planned to offer bundled data, the referral program was “Get 1 month free for each person you refer.” Call it Referrals 1.0.

That doesn’t work with pay-as-you-go, and originally we wanted to do something like 1GB of data per referral, but… honestly, we can’t afford it (yet). As we’re mostly self-funding at the moment, a referral program built on free data would rinse us. We made the fanciest Excel spreadsheet and it said no.

But we’re not stopping there. Instead…

A slice of Zevvle

We’re setting aside 1 million shares for you, which is currently 8% of Zevvle Ltd. You’ll get 1 share for each person you refer, along with some 10x bonus milestones.


When trying to think of what to do, the conversation between Tim and I went something like this:

Tim: “… what about offering stock?”
Nick: “OMG YES!”

Referral programs can get same-y (“free stuff if you refer 5,000 people”), so we wanted to do something a little bit different. Sure, free data is useful, but for helping us when we need it most we’d like to give you a piece of the company.

You won’t get the shares right away; we’re planning to tie it into a crowdfunding round next year when we’ve assigned them all. We’ll let you know more about that when the time comes.

As for what these shares are worth, we’re currently measuring their price in peanuts. Maybe they’ll be worth a lot of peanuts someday, maybe not. We’ve answered a few more questions on this page.


Nick Goodall