Transparent pricing for us all 💷

We’re nearly ready to launch! Here’s the follow-up to Nick’s pricing post last year, this time with more detail.

We were originally going to offer bundled pricing (i.e., pay a flat rate for a data allowance, whether you use it or not), but we’ve since realised that’s not exactly fair. For example, in early 2018 on average we used 2.5GB of data but paid for 5.9 GB. Nick will finally get that blog posted about The Bundle Fallacy before long; keep your eyes peeled.

That being said, if you’re looking for 20GB for £20, we’re probably not for you. But if you’re looking for transparent pricing where you only pay for what you use, keep reading!

UK and Europe* 🇪🇺

*We’ll enable roaming and international calls/texts within 4 weeks of launch, in time for the main travel season. If you need to go/call abroad beforehand, send us a message and we’ll make it happen.

**This will be for up-to 5 SIM cards; watch this space for multi-SIM accounts!

One price for everyone, all the time ⚖️

Whether you’ve just signed up or have been with us for years, you’ll pay the same. If prices go up, they will for everyone, and if they go down, ditto. If you pay more than the person who bartered a better deal, you are subsidising their contract if you didn’t learn the art of deal making. That doesn’t mean we won’t throw in free data or the like if we mess up, but expect pricing to remain consistent for everyone, all the time.

A subscription fee seems absurd 😒

We’re introducing the subscription fee to cover the monthly costs passed onto us for having a SIM on the network. We could build it into the pricing and likely be more profitable (e.g. the more you use, the more we make past a certain point), but this way, our fixed costs are covered and we can keep the rest of the pricing as low as possible.

Track your spending in the app 🧮

You can see how much each byte of data (“I’ve just had the most splendid browsing session; really top drawer!”), call or text costs in the Zevvle app. We’re not trying to put you off using your phone, but we’re not trying to hide how much it costs either. If you’re anything like me, knowing what your usage costs will reduce the time spent aimlessly scrolling the web…

We will reward you for staying… 🏆

…but we don’t know how yet. You’ve made some great suggestions on our forum which we will re-visit in 12 months or so, and we’ll make sure it’s something you’ll love. For now, our focus is to deliver a great product, regardless of any other benefits.

Do you have a question? Please post below or send me an email:

Tim Goodall