March update 🤔

Hello 😊

In the second-to-last blog, I said SIMs were coming in ~6 weeks. That was at the beginning of February… so, what’s happening? Truth be told, our supplier had some delays with one of their suppliers. It’s annoying and frustrating, I know. I posted on our forum about this at the time, and this blog is 100% overdue.

So… when?

At the moment, we’re on the edge of our testing phase. We’ve integrated with the network supplier and are waiting for test SIM cards in the next few days. Once we’re happy that everything works, we’ll place the first SIM order and head to the races.

For obvious reasons, we’re not committing to a date. It’ll be sometime in the second half of April when the order arrives and we’ve checked everything. We’ll keep you posted!

Our mobile apps

A week before launch we’ll release our mobile apps into the wild. Previous versions were on the app stores last year, but we took them down as so much has changed. Some screenshots…

The phone numbers are all fake (👀), and although these are from an iPhone, Android will look about the same:

The feed screen.
The account screen.
Call settings (within SIM settings).
Details of a call.

These certainly aren’t final, but hopefully give a good idea of the direction we’re heading in. If there’s anything you think should change, let us know and we can maybe get it done before going live. 🤓


Nick Goodall