The road to launch (and slightly beyond)

Hello 😊

2 weeks ago we finalised the contract with our supplier, and had our first meeting on Friday, February 1st to get everything underway. But the all important question, when?

SIMs are coming in ~6 weeks

In that time, we’ve got 3 things to do:

Configuration. This is the admin, like finalising our SIM card design (😉) and setting our “Service Provider Name” (SPN) — what you’ll see in the status bar of your phone. No points for guessing what ours will be1.

Integration. Our servers need to talk nicely with our supplier so that any calls you make appear in near-realtime, or any settings you change take effect right away.

Testing. Before going live we need to make sure everything runs smoothly, and towards the end of this we’ll get our first SIM card order.

We’re working as fast as we can to speed things up, but no guarantees. Beyond that, here are a few things you can expect from us in the coming weeks:

Terms & Conditions

You shouldn’t need a master’s in legalese to understand what happens when you use your phone. We’ve got 2 goals: short and understandable. Anything else is fluff.


You know something’s up when the pricing is confusing; it shouldn’t be difficult to understand the costs. We’ll publicise ours closer to launch, and it’s 1 simple price for everyone. You can even fit it on a SIM card!

As we’re doing a modern pay-as-you-go, there’ll be no monthly ‘resets,’ limits or gotchas. If you’ve got 1 GB of data, that’s 1 GB you can use on whatever you like, whenever you like – be it tomorrow or in 10 months.

Updated referrals

We’re definitely not expecting it, but we’d be grateful for your help with getting the word out. More on this nearer the time, but it’ll be data on us. And none of that expiring stuff, either!

The first SIMs

We’re going to host regular, low-key events to hand out the first SIM cards. We’ll start them in March, and it’d be wonderful if you came along — grab a SIM, a drink on us, a chat about mobiles (and networks)…

We’re based in Birmingham, UK and it’d be great to see you there. If not, we’ll figure something out! 😎

And beyond…

We’ve got plans, big plans. In the near term, 2 things I’m personally excited about are multi-SIM accounts and our developer API. Your data is yours, and it shouldn’t be hard to access. If you’ve got ideas, we’d love to know – this is your network.

Nick 🚀

  1. Although this is hard-coded for now, who knows what the future holds… 

Nick Goodall