December update 🎁

TL;DR, it’s good news. We’re launching early next year with a fairer business model and multi-SIM accounts not far behind.

Hello! 🤓

Here’s the latest on what’s happening with Zevvle, and thank you to Alex for prompting this!

Preparing for take-off

In the last email update (have you subscribed yet?), there were 6 steps: 1) set up a community forum, 2) build something useful, 3) fundraise, 4) recruit, 5) wire everything together and 6) launch.

That “something useful” was an app for measuring your data usage (with some neat features). But the question kept coming, “What is Zevvle building again?” An app for data monitoring, or a mobile network?

It was, and always has been, the mobile network. So that’s our only focus. We did have a crowdfunding campaign in the works for December, but we’ll do that after going live instead (thus recruiting will have to wait). And because the forum is up and running1, that leaves 2 things on the agenda: wire everything together (currently underway), and launch. Also…

With a different business model

“More changes?!” 😬

The original plan was to offer monthly bundles between 1 and 30 gigabytes. Problem is, that puts us squarely in the crowd of mobile operators we’re trying to differ from; the reason Zevvle exists.

More on “the bundle fallacy” in an upcoming post, but it’s enough to say they’re unfair. We (the UK) used less than half of our allowances on average last year, wasting north of £9 billion in the process (Ofcom, uSwitch).

And the solution is simple: back to basics, paying only for what you use. Kind of like that orange-coloured network in the 90’s, just without the virtual fax numbers. “But isn’t that pay as you go?” Well… yes! But a modern version without the baggage of last decade. Cheaper, too… the lowest price I could find was £10 per gigabyte, which isn’t ideal.

From day 1 there’ll be no annoying contracts, credit checks or out-of-bundle charges. It also means we can do multiple SIMs much sooner — 1 account to rule them all, whether you have an extra phone or tablet, or want to give your children a SIM, etc.

And a change to referrals

Without bundles, this changes referrals. Before, you’d get a free month for everyone you signed up. That’s iffy with pay as you go, and we’ll update this before going live.

The future’s bright, the future’s red (not our slogan).

Nick 🚀

  1. You could sign up. Share a photo of your first phone, your best experience with a mobile network, or something else entirely! 

Nick Goodall