Your data, like never before 📊

With Zevvle, your data is yours, and it stays with you. We will never, ever sell your data to someone else, whether directly or indirectly by targeting you with ads. Yet we can do so much more to give you control.

The current state of affairs

Internet service providers, whether your mobile network or home broadband, are data factories. And what do you get? A doughnut, at best. Here are some of the usual suspects:

Yes, they show you what’s left and (hopefully) keep you in the loop when it’s running low. But even so, the updates can be slow (“There may be a 2hr delay before your activity will show here.”) or have a clunky interface.

Here’s an early look1 at how we’ll show what you’re using:

This will only get better over time, and near-instant2 updates will give you the real usage.

The future

This is just the beginning. What about predicting your usage, or showing where your data goes (Spotify, Snapchat, Facebook, Fortnite)? And what if you could compete with your friends on who can use [addicting app] the least? Or access everything with an API to build something incredible?

There’s a world of possibility. We have a few ideas, but maybe you have some better ones. We’d love to hear!


  1. Your calls and texts are missing, for a start. If you want to be an early tester, send an email to

  2. Your usage will come to us every 60 seconds, and given a few moments to process it, the average delay will be 30-35 seconds. 2-hour delays begone! 

Nick Goodall