August update 🤔

As it’s still August (just!), I wanted to share a few updates on what we’re doing…

Writing lots of code

Although we won’t manage the entire “stack” (routing your calls, for example — our enabler handles that), there’s still work to do, like our billing system or mobile app where the magic will happen (to start with…). 🧙‍♀️

Here’s an early screenshot of how we’ll show your data usage (and I mean early — this is by no means final):

All the apps I’ve seen only show your total and what’s remaining, and if you’re lucky it’ll be in a progress or doughnut chart… There’s so much more that can be done to help you! We’ll share some thoughts and ideas soon.

And if you want to test the app and share your feedback as we get it ready for prime-time, send us an email to

Beginning in Birmingham

We moved from our metaphorical “garage” to a space at the Innovation Birmingham Campus. If you’re in town do say hello! 👋

Writing in English, too

You’ve probably missed a few things if you’re not constantly refreshing our blog, the latest (before this update) being our thoughts on pricing.

Two things of note:

I’m not happy with £14 for 1GB (unlimited calls/texts with EU roaming included), and that will change.


Nick Goodall