Thoughts on pricing

As a newcomer, we can’t compete on rock-bottom pricing. If all you want is the cheapest, dumbest network, then Zevvle isn’t for you. You’ll pay slightly more, but you’ll get more than you pay for.

And pricing will come down before we launch. That’s not happening today because our supplier rates will fluctuate slightly (incoming legislation and all), so we can’t commit to anything yet.

Keeping it consistent

Have you ever spoken to someone about your phone contract, only to find out they’re on the same package but paying something different? Mobile contracts are like airlines in that sense; people often pay different prices for the same thing.

And you’d think this is different with 30 day plans, as price changes should affect you, right? Errr, no.

But that’s how it should be, and that’s how we’re doing it. Any price changes will affect all customers. If you’re 6 months in and they come down, you won’t be left in the dark. 🎉

It’s also simpler for us. We don’t want to track every past plan and which customer is on what. 4 plans, not 100s.

Wait a second… what about price rises? 😬

Although we hope this will never happen, it’s not something we can guarantee1, but we still won’t leave you hanging. We’ll let you know in advance and make it easy for you to go elsewhere before anything changes. As it should be.

The future

It’s almost certain that prices will come down in the future. That depends on negotiating better wholesale rates, but we don’t know when or what those rates will be.

The last thing we want to do is raise a bunch of capital and commit to super-low pricing that we can’t sustain in the long term.


  1. Apocalyptic disasters causing sky-high energy prices? Then we’ve got bigger problems… 

Nick Goodall