There's an app for that

Mobile networks are one of those things you should rarely have to deal with, and when you do it should be easy and painless.

But that’s not always the case. Playing Sherlock to find a support link, trying to update your details or being told “please don’t reply” in emails, not to mention those chat portals from last decade.

Isn’t it time for something easier? 🤔

On that note, we’ve got two apps, fresh off the release line:

They’re a great place to signup and keep track of your referrals, but we’ve got bigger plans. When we launch, our app will be at the centre of operations. Checking your usage, updating your details or changing your spending limit will be wonderfully simple, and sending us a message even simpler.

Easy and painless, as it should be.

I don’t have Android or iOS… 😔

Fear not! The reason we’re targeting these 2 first is to get things right before we bring it to the web and beyond. It won’t be long after until you can access Zevvle anywhere and on any device.

Nick Goodall