(Good) Legislation incoming!

Spending limits… are we there yet? Some operators have them, but a £40 limit is still outrageous.

They’ve been a long time coming, and they’re finally just around the corner. According to Section 124S of the Communications Act 2003, which comes into effect October 1st,

“The provider of a mobile phone service must not enter into a contract to provide the service unless the customer has been given an opportunity to specify a billing limit in the contract.”

Woohoo! 🎉

This is great news for you. Bill shock has been a constant source of frustration for too many people, and this piece of legislation will go a long way towards changing that.

Here be dragons 🐉

Yes, this is great, but be careful: this only applies to new and extended contracts. So if you start a 24 month contract on September 30th, this law doesn’t apply to you until late 2020. That could hurt…

So if you do need a phone contract before October 1st…

  1. Sign up with us. 🤓
  2. Keep it short (a 30-day contract), or make sure the network offers spending limits.

What this means for Zevvle

Spending caps have always been part of our plan. When you start a contract with us, your spending limit will be set to £0 by default. And if you need it lifted (to make international calls, etc.), it’ll be just as easy to change it.

Because of the way our supplier is implementing this, we’re yet to finalise our additional pricing (out-of-bundle, etc.). This will come later, and we’ll keep you posted.

Nick Goodall