European roaming, as it should be

Sometimes, you need to get off the island. Maybe to the streets of Paris, the alleys of Venice or the lakes of Croatia. And that’s easy enough: hop on a plane, a train or a ferry (Mozart had to wait up to 2 weeks for the right weather before crossing the channel!).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just as easily use your phone abroad? 🧐

Last year brought us one step closer with the Digital Single Market; an EU law designed, among other things, to let people travel without horrible roaming charges.

It sounds simple, and so it should be. But many networks still add barriers to using your phone abroad, in particular:

  1. Switching it off. Although they can’t charge you extra for roaming in the EU, they often turn it off by default. And contacting customer support or navigating a website labyrinth could take a while…
  2. Limiting your usage. What good is a 20GB bundle if you can only use 5GB of it abroad? It’s common practice to limit what you can use.

To that end, we’re making our EU roaming as simple as possible: on by default, and no limits.

No contacting us, no waiting to turn it on, and if you’ve got a 10GB plan, you’ve got 10GB to use. This applies to all our packages.

European roaming, as it should be. 😎

Nick Goodall