Fair and sensible pricing

We believe in keeping things simple and transparent. Our newly-released pricing has just 4 options, each with unlimited calls and messages with varying data limits. Our additional pricing will follow shortly.

To us, fair pricing means two things.

Firstly, it needs to be low enough for obvious reasons. Something as critical as your phone contract — something you use everyday — shouldn’t drain your bank account. We want you to understand what you’re being charged for and why, without feeling like you’ve been swindled.

Secondly, it needs to be high enough so we can build a sustainable business. We can’t serve you for the long-term if we can’t turn the gears. And that would be tragic — imagine having to take the bus when you’ve just discovered a jet pack. 🚀

Sensible defaults

Although we’re keeping our monthly plans simple, that’s not where it counts. The horror stories come from additional charges people don’t see — going over your contract, communicating abroad, picture messages…

That’s not us, and another place you’ll find we’re different. Along with pricing that just makes sense, designed for you, we’re going to set a default limit of £0 on all extra spending. And if you change it, we’ll let you know of any charges with real-time notifications. ☎️

Our pricing page has the details for monthly plans, and we’ll let you know when everything else is ready.

Nick Goodall