Introducing Zevvle

Zevvle is an up-and-coming mobile network in the UK, built from the ground up to make your life easier.

We’re going to offer SIM-only contracts with clear pricing that just makes sense. Nothing hidden and no catching you out with high fees.

And if something happens, we’ll be there. Someone you can understand, empowered to help.

Why a mobile network? 🤔

We believe we can build something unique. A company that makes you smile instead of sigh and helps instead of hinders.

The industry hasn’t changed much over the years, leaving a space for us to do something different. Support systems are outdated, fees are hidden and features are lacking. We’re going to change that.

To start with, we’re building a great core product that’s fairly priced. The calls, texts and data you need without the fluff. Then, with your feedback, we can work on the features that make the best network in the world.

How can I get a SIM card?

Would you look at that — you can sign up right here! We’ll be in touch as soon as it’s ready.

If you want early access, be sure to refer your friends after you sign up. The more who join, the quicker you’ll get one. And you’ll get something extra for the people you sign up who start a contract.

Our current focus is to get a SIM card in your phone as soon as possible, then we can start working on new and exciting features…

We hope you’ll join us for the journey — with your help we can create the best mobile network in the world.

Nick Goodall