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/ˈzeəvlɒg/ noun (s.)

an absurdly agreeable corner of the internet with memes, stories and updates from a British-baked mobile network.

All about call records

17 Jan 2020

The first phones came in pairs, like wired walkie-talkies or fancy tin can telephones. If you took one and gave the other to Charlotte, you’d have a hard time if you wanted to talk with James. Eventually the idea of central exchange came about, stolen from the telegram industry (not...


Rewarding rewards

10 Jan 2020

Reward programs feel good. Go about our shopping rituals and get rewarded for it, what’s not to like?! As far as I can tell, they date back to the 1700s in the US where copper tokens were given to shoppers to redeem on later purchases. Fast forward 300 years and...


2020 vision

03 Jan 2020

Hello, and Happy New Year! It wouldn’t be a new year, let alone a new decade, without a bunch of yearly-review posts. Without further ado… The Zevvle story so far First things first… we launched a mobile network! After ~18 months in the works, that was an exciting day. Watching...


Roaming is for roaming

20 Dec 2019

Since the 15th June 2017 we’ve been able to use our UK phone plans in Europe and mostly without extra costs. Here’s an excerpt from the European Commission: If a person has unlimited calls and SMS, they will get unlimited calls and SMS when roaming in the EU. However if...


Tiered data pricing update

14 Dec 2019

As we recently mentioned on our forum and the latest email update, we’re updating our pricing today. Our previous model wasn’t sustainable and we don’t want to join the roster of loss-making startup failures; this puts us on the right track. Tiered data The biggest change is that we’re tiering...


How not to machine learn

06 Dec 2019

Last Sunday (December 1st), we updated our app with usage and spending prediction: Then on Wednesday, we added prediction to the feed graph: (SIMs can have names in Zevvle; mine is .) We’d forgive you for thinking, “Gosh, these Zevvle folks really are pushing the limits of telecoms.” You wouldn’t...

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