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/ˈzeəvlɒg/ noun (s.)

an absurdly agreeable corner of the internet with memes, stories and updates from an artisanal mobile network in the colonial UK.

Zevvle Rewards

22 May 2020

Hello, and welcome to this fine Friday’s edition of the Zevvlog. Today we’re updating our rewards program, and to get straight to the point: For every referral, you’ll both get 1 GB per month for life By for life we mean as long as you’re both members. So maybe for...


Undles of bundles

09 May 2020

Yes, it’s maybe a word. Last Saturday we quietly released 5 new data plans that give Zevvle a makeover. More data, better prices; what’s not to like?! Coincidentally, this is how I originally planned Zevvle. We launched with pay-as-you-go last year, but decades ago in 2018 the plan was 4...


Zevvle with friends and contact privacy

28 Feb 2020

Last year, we did something a little different for our referral program. We set aside 1 million shares of Zevvle for inviting your friends & family. But it always felt a little off — you’d get shares for inviting someone, but they’d get nothing (except for being with Zevvle, of...


The length of an SMS Part 2: More Encoding Adventures

21 Feb 2020

Did you read part 1? If not, you should definitely read part 1. To sum up: Computers only understand 1s and 0s (bits). A byte is 8 bits. Computers use bytes to represent things we understand, like the alphabet and emoji. How they do that is called encoding. Unicode exists;...


Show me the money

31 Jan 2020

If you’re interested in what makes companies work, financial statements are like a window to their soul. Balance sheets are great, but only show you a snapshot in time and may have looked very different a week earlier. Profit and loss statements (P&L, also known as income statements), however, are...


The length of an SMS Part 1: Bits of Encoding

24 Jan 2020

If you’ve ever wondered why a text message (or SMS for Short Message Service) is split in 2 (or 3 or 5), or why some texts are shorter than others; this post will go into some quirks of SMS and why that is. This was originally one long post, but...

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