17 Jan 2020

All about call records

Where they came from, what's in them and how you can get them.

10 Jan 2020

Rewarding rewards

Offering something for free and making millions.

03 Jan 2020

2020 vision

Our story so far, a few stats, and the year ahead.

20 Dec 2019

Roaming is for roaming

The misleading part of European roaming.

14 Dec 2019

Tiered data pricing update

Sustainable pricing, tiered data and no more minimum top-ups

06 Dec 2019

How not to machine learn

What we should have done, actually do and will do with usage prediction

29 Nov 2019

No discounts here

The history of Black Friday and why we're not part of it.

22 Nov 2019

Upcoming changes to Zevvle

Next month, we're changing our pricing to make Zevvle even better for multi-SIM accounts.

15 Nov 2019

Why we don't use Facebook

Before you say it, yes; we are virtue signalling.

02 Nov 2019

Billing in a nutshell

Telecoms billing and why we do it ourselves

08 Oct 2019

The Zevvle API is live

Accessing your call record data with our public API

11 Sep 2019

103 days later

A few statistics on our progress...

08 Aug 2019

Pricing 4.0

We're getting the hang of this network thing…

04 Jul 2019

Ofcom had a field day

Making it easier to leave with the new switching regulation.

30 Jun 2019

International & EU Roaming

You can now call and go abroad with Zevvle 🌍

28 Jun 2019

Multi-SIM accounts & pricing changes

The first of many big product updates.

14 Jun 2019

Two weeks after launch

Off the launch pad and en-route to Mars.

31 May 2019

Ready, set, go

From an idea to reality, we're launching a new mobile network!

30 May 2019

Radio masts & mine shafts

The answer to our most popular question...

24 May 2019

Referrals 2.0

With a pay-as-you-go pricing model, we had to change our referral program. For each person you refer, you'll get...

23 May 2019

Transparent pricing for us all 💷

SIMs are here and nearly ready to post! Here's our final pricing structure 😊

03 May 2019

May update

Almost! Our first SIM order, what's next and crowdfunding thoughts.

26 Mar 2019

March update 🤔

What's happening?! Also, some app screenshots.

11 Mar 2019

Team Zevvle

The who, what and where of Team Zevvle. ☎️

04 Feb 2019

The road to launch (and slightly beyond)

What's happening? When can you get SIM card? They'll be ready in… 😏

29 Dec 2018

December update 🎁

A fairer business model; launching early next year; and multiple SIM cards!

13 Sep 2018

Thoughts on call centres

You’re planning a trip to Italy and need to make sure your phone works abroad. You check the app, but…

07 Sep 2018

Your data, like never before 📊

Internet service providers are data factories. And what do you get? A doughnut, at best.

31 Aug 2018

August update 🤔

Mobile apps with doughnuts, moving to Birmingham and unhappy pricing

16 Aug 2018

Thoughts on pricing

Have you ever spoken to someone about your phone contract, only to find out they’re on the same package but paying something different?

07 Aug 2018

There's an app for that

Mobile networks are one of those things you should rarely have to deal with, and when you do it should be easy and painless....

09 Jul 2018

(Good) Legislation incoming!

Spending limits have been a long time coming. Finally, they're just around the corner! 🎉

09 Jun 2018

European roaming, as it should be

Sometimes, you need to get off the island. And that's why we're making EU roaming as simple as possible. 🇪🇺

21 May 2018

Fair and sensible pricing

Pricing that anyone can understand and bills without horrible surprises – your phone contract shouldn’t drain your bank account.

11 May 2018

A little something extra

You need a good reason to get people involved. So for every person you refer that starts a contract, you’ll get… 🤔

28 Apr 2018

Introducing Zevvle

Zevvle is a new mobile network in the UK, built to make your life easier with sensible pricing and help you can rely on....