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/ˈzeəvlɒg/ noun (s.)

an absurdly agreeable corner of the internet with memes, stories and updates from an artisanal mobile network in the colonial UK.

Shared account data

02 Oct 2020

We launched regular data bundles back in May, but as you’d expect the data allowances were tied to individual SIMs. The more SIM cards you had, the more faff it was. We didn’t like it, and it clashed with our...


Reporting on 'Rona*

28 Aug 2020

*So far… A few days ago on Twitter we shared a similar graph of pay-as-you-go data usage this year (spot the differences!): Average PAYG data usage per SIM. We only launched data bundles in May which would skew the results: Average bundle data usage per SIM. We haven’t got a...


Flux receipts

22 Aug 2020

Hello! If you’re a Zevvle customer and pay through Monzo or Starling, we can now deliver digital receipts straight to the banking app through Flux: Yes, our address in Monzo is incorrect. How to enable Flux To get started, you’ll first need to bank with either Monzo or Starling, and...


Facebook ad boycott

13 Jul 2020

We’re almost 2 weeks into a Facebook ad boycott, one which only 30 days ago didn’t exist. To think 1,000+ companies, many of which are multi-billion dollar corporations, would stop advertising on social media because of their apparent concern for hate speech, I would not have believed would happen a...


Biscuits, GDPR and the state of the web

03 Jul 2020

The open web is an epic creation and something we should celebrate, but as the saying goes “marketers ruin everything.” With the web, that meant tracking you online to sell you more stuff with targeted ads. Then along came the EU and said “Enough!” and the General Data Protection Regulation...


Non-geographic numbers

08 Jun 2020

Today, we’re enabling non-geographic numbers (NGN) on the network. These are certain number starting 08, 09, and 118 which have an access charge set by us (5p/min) and a service charge set by the organisation you’re calling (see more below). To enable them, go to your SIM card settings from...

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