A Bit About Zevvle

We’re building a new mobile network in the UK to make your life easier. One that won’t drain your wallet or give you headaches, and one that you’ll want to recommend to family and friends.

To do that, we’re focused on 3 things:



It’s difficult to trust a company when you don’t know what’s going on, especially when it sends you non-trivial bills each month.

Pricing is the best example, and where we try to be different. We want you to understand what you’re being charged for and why, without feeling like you’ve been swindled.

That means sensible pricing anyone can understand with features to keep you on track. We want you to know what something costs before you use it, not later when you see a shocking bill.

breaking obstacles


Although we’ll write the code and do the unexciting things, we want to build Zevvle with you. That means involving you in the process wherever possible.

What do you think makes a great network? What thoughts and ideas do you have? How can we do better?

To help with this, we've set up a dedicated forum. You can always send us an email or a tweet, but a separate space will help us move quicker without ideas losing their way.



Nobody wants things to go wrong, but it happens. Whether that’s a quick question or something gone awry, we’ll be there when you need us. A real person you can understand, empowered to solve your problem.

As mentioned above you send us an email, connect with us on Twitter or join our community forum. If you have an account, you can also message us in-app. We won’t operate any call centres for now as we can’t provide the same level of service.

active support

Building a better mobile network won’t be easy, but with your help we're creating something you can be proud to use.