The network built for you

Save money by not wasting data, manage many SIMs and watch your usage in near-realtime on EE's network.

Are you paying for data you don't use?

12 million SIM-only customers waste £800 million per year in the UK by paying for data they don't use (Citizen's Advice).

Pay by the byte

Whether you use 10 bytes or 10 gigabytes, with Zevvle you only pay for the data you use.

Near-realtime updates

With wicked-fast mobile apps, you can keep track of everything you're using.

Tiered data pricing

The more data you use, the better-value it gets. All the way down to £1 per GB.

1 account, how many SIMs?

Many, many SIMs

Whether you have extra phones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers or need a SIM for your kids.

1 shared account balance

When it's all under the same roof, you don't need to worry about separate bills or payment details.

Free inter-account calls

For SIMs under the same account, calls and messages between them are free.

Don't take our word for it

Zevvle exists because of a poor customer experience. We're here to do better; getting help shouldn't be harder than texting someone.

Compared to my previous network, Zevvle is amazing!


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What can I say other than buttery smooth!


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Switch your number to Zevvle

When you've ordered and activated a SIM, you can switch number in-app. You can then track its status and we'll notify you when it's done.

No credit checks

We don't check your credit score as we don't need to; just order your SIM and that's it!

Limitless tethering (i.e., personal hotspot)

Zevvle SIMs work anywhere you can put a SIM — tablets, Wi-Fi routers, cars, etc.

European roaming included

Zevvle works in Europe as you'd expect. Data is not available outside of the EU.

Using EE's network

The fastest in the UK with the best coverage (on average!).