A network built for you

With Zevvle, you can save money by only paying for the data you use, manage multiple SIMs and watch your usage in near-realtime, on EE's network.

Multiple SIMs, near-realtime usage and pay by the byte.

How much can you save?

12 million SIM-only customers waste £800 million per year in the UK by paying for data they don't use. Maybe we can help:

You could save up-to £72 per year with Zevvle.

You're not alone

Compared to my previous network, Zevvle is amazing!


The app is a game-changer, we highly recommend them.

Mobile Network Comparison

I’m VERY impressed, onboarding with Zevvle has been the easiest.


Miles better than Tesco Mobile … great service.


Control of a SIM that is unprecedented…


What can I say other than buttery smooth!


Fair pricing, for everyone

We have 1 pricing plan where you only pay for what you use. No monthly resets, no "out-of-bundle" charges and no hidden fees. It's time you knew what you're paying for.

There (when you need us)

Things happen. And when they do, getting help shouldn't be harder than texting someone.

Simple, but powerful

Multiple SIMs with fine controls in 1 place, native applications and your usage in near-realtime. With your help, we're building a new kind of mobile network.

The app is beautiful & I love how real-time it is.